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Empowered by Passion, Driven by Determination: BavisClothing's Resilient Journey

by Baviya M 20 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Almost, it took me four years to restart my business after giving birth to two naughty boys. When I re-entered the market after the break. It was too competitive. Many new players entered the virtual market during that period. I am not getting as many responses from my Facebook marketplace post.

So we thought, to tackle the prevailing competition. We must go big. But I don't have the fund for business expansion. Eventually, we approached the bank for a loan. I got the loan too. As we expanded our business, the workload also increased. But I am not interested in hiring a new person to manage our increasing needs. Because it will raise our cost of operation
unnecessarily, which in turn leads to increasing our selling price of the product.

So we plan to mechanize our business in such a way that the automation process does not cost us more. We proceeded with creating our website Through which we can able to reach more customer in different geographical location and still can give our product at best price in the market. Till now I am operating alone with a bit of assistance from my life partner. Kindly support us in the journey.

We are Bavisclothing.

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