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Bavisclothing: A Mompreneur’s Journey of Balancing Family and Fashion

by Baviya M 21 Dec 2022 0 Comments
A Mompreneur’s Journey of Balancing Family and Fashion
We operate our business virtually. There are the reasons why we kept our business in online form rather than going to physical shops. If you read my business journey blog, you would have roughly gotten an idea. I am having two kids, ages 5 and 3 years old. As we are a nuclear family, I have to take care of my kids. So we prefer not to open a shop for selling our product to the customer. There are other reasons why being online. They are
  1. It reduces rental expenses for a shop.
  2. I don't want to depend on someone to take care of our shop during my absence and unnecessarily increase our operational costs.
  3. The virtual business gives me the freedom to operate from anywhere and at any time. One thing is, I have to despatch the product on time.
  4. Overall it reduces the operational cost and it gives us an edge to sell our product at the best price compared to our competitors.
We are also facing some stumbling blocks in this process.They are
  • Building trustworthiness among our customers, as we don't exist physically.
  • We can't able to provide the touch-and-feel experience to our customers that shoppers get from physical stores. Many clients want to visit stores and discover new things. When in a store, walking around and liking the items displayed enables customers to learn about new products in the market.
Maybe in future, we may open up a physical store to cater the evergrowing need of our customer. But as of now, we are operating online only and I am the person who is going to take off my shop. Kindly support us.

We are Bavisclothing.
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