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BavisClothing: A Journey from Passion to Profession

by Baviya M 20 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Hi I am Baviya, a first-generation women entrepreneur. I never thought that our business grows this much. I never had an idea of starting a business in my mind. All this started, when I am not able to travel too long to my workplace. I have done a master's in computer science. I was working in a leading educational institute. Everything went well till they ask me to travel to their new workplace, which is far from my house. Eventually, I resigned from my job.

After my resignation, I don't have any idea about searching for a new job. I started taking care of my household work. I felt that I have to carry out some work to keep me busy during my leisure period. It was my husband, who suggested to start a small business to keep me busy. Without having any thought I jumped into his idea. We started selling women's churidar/salwar material at first. We marketed our product through the Facebook marketplace. During that year we got a good response from the customer for our product. During 2017 itself we have operated virtually. We accepted payment through Google pay/ Bank transfer. We even tried cash on delivery. We have despatched the parcel through Speed post to our customer.

The only obstacle we faced during that period was building trustworthiness among our customers. I took a greater effort to make us believe, that we will deliver the promise which we committed to the customer. We delivered too.

We had a great run in the following months. Eventually, I got conceived(pregnant). At that point, I am not able to carry forward the business further. So without any option, we took a break from the business.

We are BavisClothing.
M Baviya

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